016 - Woven Strength Band – Medium - Training Equipment - Impakt

Woven Strength Band – Medium

GST included
  • A Perfect low cost conditioning tool
  • For either indoor / outdoor use
  • The 5 Bands will provide a resistance that will suit your needs
  • As strength increases simply move to a wider band
  • Very comfortable against the skin these bands reduce the likelihood of skin irritation due to repetitive use in one area
  • Comes in a TOGGLE – LOCK carry bag
  • Yellow - X-Light, Red – Light, Green – Medium, Blue – Heavy, Black – X-Heavy


These bands are designed for intense workouts, weightlifting, and heavy strength training. With long-lasting wear power, this product will keep up with your active lifestyle.

Impakt Woven Strength Band is the ultimate workout band. Cut beads in to make it easier when you want to take weight-lifting up a notch, then fabricate into designs that create strength and resistance for your workouts. The woven design makes it stronger than other bands on the market today. What are product benefits? Available in our Woven Strength Band Kit or will what you need separately with any sized bead!

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